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September 8, 2021

How to Play Like a Pro in Pai Gow

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Understanding how to play Pai Gow can be helpful before playing it in an online casino. This is an overview of some proven strategies of winning in the game.

How to Play Like a Pro in Pai Gow

3 Winning Plays in Pai Gow

Pai Gow is an exciting game first played during the '80s. Over the years, players have invented plays that put you in a better position of beating the dealer and winning bets in Pai Gow. Players like the game for its simplicity and a low house edge. It is one of the many games that have evolved with technology, having undergone a few additions, such as being digitized and optimized for mobile gaming.

Today, you can play Pai Gow at your favorite online casino. The following sections on this page contain a compilation of the best tips to win in a Pai Gow.

How to Play Pai Gow

The gameplay in Pai Gow involves a deck of cards and a pair of dice. The dealer divides the cards into 7 sets, and the players take turns rolling the pair of dice. The outcome of rolling the dice determines the set of cards assigned to each player.

In the game, players only get the opportunity to contest with the dealer, unlike other table games where they compete against other players. Although winning in the game is based on being lucky, a few strategies can help you raise the chances of winning. Check them out below:

Tactical Deployment of the Joker Card

Holding a Joker card until the right time is one of the strategies that has worked well in many games. In the game, you can make two hands; low and high. Using the joker to boost the strength of the hand that beats the dealer's hand puts you in the best position to collect winnings. If you are lucky enough to get more than one joker card, dividing them between the two hands is wise instead of completing a flush on one hand.

Using the House Way Approach

When the cards are dealt in Pai Gow, you win by pitting your hand against that of the house. One of the ways to emerge the winner is taking your opponent's mindset and then making plays that improve the strength of your hand compared to theirs'. For instance, when dealt a full house comprising three of a kind and two pairs, the best play would be to split the highest pair in one hand and the rest in the other.

The Best Play when Dealt Four-of-A-Kind Cards

All things are possible in Pai Gow. When you get four similar cards, you should split or put your cards together depending on their value. For example, cards between two and six are stronger when you keep them together in one hand. For cards between 7 and 10, you can split the four cards into two pairs in each hand.

Splitting pairs also applies if you have 4 Jack, King, or Queen Cards. Pairing the split pairs with an Ace card will boost the strength of the hand. So if you get a pair of Aces, it is wise to hold one in each hand.


With the strategies discussed above, you can take part in this exciting game of Pai Gow and win significant credits. Gaining a competitive edge helps you minimize losses and enjoy the game more. Look for an online casino that offers Pai Gow and start making real money today. Remember that playing the game many times is the only way to know the best strategies by heart.

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